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We solve every problem in the software and hardware area. Be it topics in IT security, in the network infrastructure (router configuration, LAN connection, etc.), lost data or the creation of appropriate solutions in the cash register complex.



We offer IT products for every need. Be it software or hardware. We are the right partner for every task and every solution to your needs. That is why we cooperate with well-known hardware and software manufacturers.


It doesn’t matter whether you want to set up a new server, are looking for an experienced partner for ongoing server management, or want to secure your systems over the long term and protect them from attacks .



We are the right partner for the permanent support of your IT systems. Despite low costs, we offer high-quality service for IT systems. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

About Stinner IT Solutions

Stinner IT-Solutions is a one-man company founded in 2013 by Thomas Stinner. The company’s concept is based on fast, cost-efficient and innovative solutions, which can be implemented tailor-made for you since 2019, among other things due to the partnership with Sophos, Microsoft, Lenovo and Telematika.


For whom?

For individuals

New communication options via the Internet, mobile devices and the networking of data and devices offer more and more opportunities to use IT in the private sphere. The diversity of the offer makes the selection of the right product and the optimal interaction with other devices at the same time more and more complex.

For EPUs

Stinner IT-Solutions provides support with goals, wishes, conceptions and ideas. We help to reduce risks and point out opportunities and new, unconventional solutions. As an innovative and flexible IT service company, we are at your disposal for all your IT concerns. In us, sole proprietorships find a qualified partner for projects of all kinds.

For SMEs

Would you like to use a specific IT solution, which is tailored to needs and requirements, in a local network or maybe even in the cloud? Stinner IT-Solutions will be happy to support you in the planning, implementation or realization of your IT concerns and wishes. Stinner IT-Solutions will be happy to support you in the planning, implementation or realization of your IT concerns and wishes. The boom in cloud services has already made it possible to move many IT issues to the Internet in a cost-effective and secure manner.

Offer for private

Set up private IT infrastructure and e-banking

Install or set up updates and virus protection

restore data

irretrievably delete data

Environmentally friendly disposal of electronic waste

Offer for EPU's


POS systems

Project/company support

IT security


Building and managing the IT infrastructure

Offer for SME'S


POS systems

Project/company support

IT security

Migration to a data center


IT infrastructure management



Do you have 1000 questions about IT?

In order to clarify these questions, I would be happy to offer you a free initial consultation!

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