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FortiGuard Labs is aware of a report that a new variant of ArguePatch malware was used in an attack against Ukraine. This ArguePatch variant includes a feature to set up a schedules task in order to perform a specific action at a specified time.Why is this Significant?This is significant because the new variant of ArguePatch malware now has a feature to perform a specific action at a specified time without setting up a scheduled task. This provides more stealthiness to the malware which allows it to stay under the radar until it actually starts to carry out a next stage action.What is ArguePatch?ArguePatch is a loader malware that was previously used in campaigns against Ukraine which involve CaddyWiper and Industroyer2. The malware is a patched version of a legitimate component of Hex-Rays IDA Pro software.FortiGuard Labs previously released Threat Signals on CaddyWiper and Industroyer2. See the Appendix for links to “Additional Wiper Malware Deployed in Ukraine #CaddyWiper” and “Industroyer2 Discovered Attacking Critical Ukrainian Verticals”.What is the Status of Coverage?FortiGuard Labs provides the following AV coverage against known variants of ArguePatch:W32/Agent.AECG!trW32/PossibleThreat